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Say you and your sweetheart are headed for the City of Love and want professional vacation memories. Then you’re in for a treat with our friendly Kiss Me in Paris portrait photographers. Whatever the special occasion—anniversary, honeymoon, engagement, pre-wedding, or just-for-fun couple photoshoot in Paris—we know all the good places. Importantly, our English-speaking photographers are true local experts with virtually unlimited creative couple photography ideas. As such, you should expect a host of unique benefits:

#1 unrivaled experience & local know-how​

There’s a misconception that any portrait photographer will expertly document your couple photoshoot in Paris. Alas, that’s not the case. You see, your photographer will significantly impact your photos and experience, and by extension, how you remember your trip to Europe. Paris is busy and unpredictable, so your artist must be able to zig when others zag. And unless you have previous experience in photography poses for couples, your photographer should be patient with clear posing directions.

At Kiss Me in Paris, our artists are entertaining and true local experts with endless Paris photoshoot ideas. They can help you figure out what to wear for your Paris photoshoot, or (rumor has it) even where to find the yummiest hot chocolate in town.

#2 paris couple package to suit your needs​

Perhaps you’re merely looking for a quick Eiffel Tower photoshoot with a few fantastic snaps in front of the Iron Lady? Then, it should be reassuring to know that we offer a 30-minute Trocadéro mini-session at a price anyone can afford. Or maybe you want to treat your sweetheart to an authentic Emily in Paris or Midnight in Paris photoshoot she’ll never forget? You’ll get maximum location variety, a stress-free experience, multiple Paris photoshoot outfits, the best times of the day to have your photos taken… Our couple packages make it a breeze to get precisely the photography coverage you desire.

#3 100% money-back guarantee​

Our promise is simple: if you’re not satisfied, we are not satisfied. Kiss Me in Paris is the only Paris photographer to offer a money-back guarantee if you don’t love your experience and couple pictures.

#4 see your photos in 24 hours​

They say patience is a virtue. But not when it comes to getting your beautiful holiday photos back. We get it! You and your partner have been floating on Cloud 9 following your fabulous couple photoshoot in Paris. The experience was epic, and now you’re burning to already share a few incredible pictures with friends and family. As such, it should be sweet music to your ears that you’ll receive an online proofing gallery in under 24 hours!

#5 the only full-service provider in town​

When you’re after a wide range of services related to an upcoming couple photoshoot in Paris, you’re in luck! We are the only Parisian photographer with a dedicated in-house planning team. That means we can—on relatively short notice—organize almost anything you desire: a private van with a driver, exclusive Paris photoshoot locations, stylish bouquets, bigger-than-life balloons, restaurant reservations, vintage car, video, and more … your wish is indeed our command.

How it works.

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Book your couple Photoshoot in Paris

So you think we’re a great fit. Yaay! We’re already super-excited to meet and can’t wait to be part of your travelshoot! The next step is to lock in your preferred date, couple photoshoot photographer, and Paris couple package. Once your reservation is complete, you’ll immediately receive a summary with your shoot details, including the contact information of your artist. BOOK NOW >>

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Prepare like a Rockstar before arriving in Paris

Prepare like a Rockstar before arriving in Paris

The first rule of awesome Paris couple photography is to prepare well before arriving in the City of Lights. “Why,” you may ask. Simple. Great planning results in a more fun adventure with better travel pictures. In the end, that’s all that matters, right? So grab your Pinterest board and head on over to our searchable galleries. You’ll find loads of fabulous outfits that work well in photos, creative photoshoot ideas, the best photo locations, photography poses for couples, and much more. And for those couples who want to cross the t’s and dot the i’s, this 30-minute tutorial
is the ultimate game-changer.

Firm up the game plan with your photographer

Now it’s time to kick preparations into high gear! Your Paris couple photoshoot photographer is a true local expert and will help you get the most out of your commissioned time and keeping your fav photo ideas and locations in mind. You’ll also coordinate the fine details, such as where to initially meet and how to get around.

Firm up the game plan with your photographer
It's your shoot day!

It’s your shoot day!

Today’s the day! Remember to bring your outfits, props, and loads of fun energy. You’ve prepared well, and you’re in caring and experienced hands. Enjoy every moment!

Get your photos back. Fast.

You’ll receive an online proofing gallery with all your Paris pictures in under 24 hours to already share with family and friends. And while you’re waiting, here’s a list of some of the best restaurants in town.

For a custom couple photoshoot in Paris, potentially spanning multiple days or requiring concierge services, it’s best to work directly with one of our expert planners.

What should you wear for your couple photoshoot in Paris?​

There are no hard rules when it comes to attire choices for your couple’s pictures. It depends a little on your style, the occasion of your photo session, and the Parisian locations you pick. You can go with casual, formal, and, time permitting, a combination of both.

Now, you will be photographed in the fashion capital of the world … so style matters (hey ladies … this is your excuse to get that pair of red bottoms!).

What to wear for an elopement in Paris
What to wear for an elopement in Paris

That said, here are a few recommendations:

  • dress for how you’d like to be seen in your photos;
  • wear something that makes you feel comfortable, confident and lifts your mood;
How to dress for a couple photoshoot in Paris
How to dress for a couple photoshoot in Paris
  • there’s no need for outfits to match (you don’t want to look like siblings, ha!), but choose styles, fabrics, and colors that look harmonious together; 
  • Avoid fine stripes, which can cause distracting moiré patterns in your images. Instead, when you want to make a statement, embrace bold prints and colors (red, purple, and yellow pop magnificently);
According to the London Image Institute, the hue of clothes can also affect your emotions and energy
How does the color of my outfit affect my photos
How does the color of my outfit affect my photos
  • If you just can’t decide, go a tad more elegant than you’d normally. A formal black suit for the gentleman is timeless and always looks sophisticated. Likewise, ladies, you can’t go wrong with clean, organic pastels, which work particularly well at sunrise and when we photograph against the light;
  • speaking of light … for perfect silhouettes, go with dark, tightly-fitted attire (avoid white);
How to dress for a couple photoshoot in Paris silhouettes
How to dress for a couple photoshoot in Paris silhouettes
  • bring a pair of flats or other comfy shoes to protect your feet when moving from one location to the next (be gentle on your feet—Louboutin are not designed for hiking);
  • arrive in layers on cold days and even consider bringing hand warmers;
Ladies, for spring/summer shoots, consider airy, flowy dresses. Optionally add a delicate bouquet of flowers and a stylish hat.
  • optionally, pack a hairbrush;
  • depending on the weather report, you may want to include a stylish umbrella;

Ready to Book Your Couple Photoshoot in Paris?

How to Nail Your Couple Photography Poses (including five examples).​

Suppose you have no previous posing experience and want to shed those posing jitters. Or, maybe you’d like to learn your angles and how to confidently achieve portraits that feel natural.

Well, then you’re in the perfect place. Most of us are not models, so our biggest trump as couples is chemistry with deep, passionate feelings. Beautiful couple photoshoot poses ultimately boil down to believable connection, playfulness, intimacy, and the ability to tune out unwanted camera awareness.

Think of each other rather than about the process of being photographed. The latter tends to result in undesirable self-awareness, holding your breath, open-eye or closed-lip kisses, and stiff poses.

Our Kiss Me in Paris photographers will position you in the most flattering light and provide clear instructions.

With that said, it’s an excellent idea to already work on your couple photoshoot poses before you arrive in Paris.

Here are some power tips:

  • breathe abundantly on each other and touch foreheads and/or noses for mouthwatering chemistry;
  • be deliberate about the placement of your hands—be it on your partner’s face, neck, hips, heart, in your pant pockets, or holding the lapel of your suit jacket (just don’t let your hands dangle);
  • try a tender hug from behind;
  • do a fabulous dip;
  • how about an epic lift?
  • for picture-perfect silhouettes, maintain harmonious interspacing between the contours of your bodies, wear dark and tightly fitted attire, and pull your hair back in a bun;
  • never kiss away from your photographer—either kiss in a neutral posture or lean toward the lens;
  • The moment before the kiss (lips touch) leaves things up to the viewer’s imagination, which is why this technique is so prevalent in movies and advertisements.

1. Standing close together and looking toward one another​

Standing close together and looking toward one another
Standing close together and looking toward one another

The “Parent-pleaser:” standing face to face (but looking at the camera). Hands and arms are placed deliberately or connected

How to pose for a couple photoshoot: standing face to face (but
How to pose for a couple photoshoot: standing face to face (but looking at the camera). Hands and arms are deliberately placed or connected.

3. Standing face to face and kissing​

Standing face to face and kissing
Standing face to face and kissing

4. How to dip your partner​

Couple photoshoot poses: the art of the dip
Couple photoshoot poses: the art of the dip

5. Holding each other and looking towards a shared future​

Couple photoshoot in Paris: holding each other and looking towar
Couple photoshoot in Paris: holding each other and looking towards a common future
Get inspired
Want to see more sample couple poses? Then take a deep dive with our couple photoshoot guide, which is filled to the brim with proven couple photoshoot ideas, including our 15 favorite poses.

Your Questions. Answered.​

This is a great place to answer some of your out-of-the-gate questions.

In the simplest sense, it’s when you and your partner have professional photos taken in Paris—be it to celebrate an engagement, pre-wedding, honeymoon, anniversary, or just for fun.

Investing in couple photography is the perfect way to escape everyday life and enjoy each other with no distractions … all while having your precious, frame-able memories captured beautifully.

When you want vacation memories professionally photographed, we offer fantastic options at a price you can afford.

For example, the 30-minute mini session at Trocadéro (Eiffel Tower) starts at Euro 150. 

Likewise, our popular two-hour sunrise engagement photoshoot starts at only Euro 500.

To learn more about our Paris couple packages or to book instantly, click here.

The short answer is it depends on your style, time of the day, and a host of other factors.

We put together a comprehensive guide (including couple photoshoot ideas specific to each location) with 16+ of the most beautiful photography spots in Paris.

With that said, the Top 6 photo locations in Paris are:

  1. Trocadéro. The ultimate iconic Eiffel Tower spot is characterized by sublime symmetry, awe-inspiring views of the Iron Lady, beautiful fountains & gardens, and ridiculous photo variety.
  2. Louvre Museum. The Louvre offers unparalleled photo variety to go with its iconic architecture and splendid grounds & gardens. It’s one of few photo locations that photographs amazing any time of the day.
  3. Alexander III Bridge. Considered the most elegant bridge in Paris, this ornate monument is centrally located. It offers more subtle views of the Eiffel Tower. Within less than five minutes of walking distance, you can also get elegant portraits at Petit Palais.
  4. Luxembourg Gardens. A popular spot for tourists and locals alike, it is considered the most beautiful park in Paris. You’ll find charming gardens with endless rows of flowers, a stunning Italian-style palace, and of course, the Medici Fountain.
  5. Montmartre (including Sacré-Cœur / La Maison Rose / Place du Tertre). When you need a break from the City’s remarkable landmarks and monuments, try Montmartre. It’s a massive hill that has captured the Bohemian artists since the Belle Epoque (Midnight in Paris, anyone?). Expect some of the most expansive views of the City, charming cobblestone streets, quaint cafés, and loads of hidden nooks for lovers.
  6. Bir-Hakeim Bridge. When you’re looking for an excellent Eiffel Tower alternative to Trocadéro, or a different perspective to double as a rain solution if necessary. We are big fans of its architecture and endless photo variety.

Here’s a handy “Day-of” Checklist to keep you and your partner organized:

  • pack all props and outfits the night before the shoot;
  • Check the weather here when you wake up;
  • charge your cell phones—you’ll need them to communicate with your photographer, take a selfie, possibly revisit your Pinterest board, and flag down an UBER;
  • leave all valuable items (that are non-essential for your shoot) back at the hotel, so they’re not lost or stolen;
  • if you hired a beauty artist, make sure she’s done in time (the last thing you want is to arrive at your couple photo session stressed out);
  • Ladies, consider packing a pair of comfy shoes to get from one location to the next. Louboutins are not walking shoes!
  • on cool winter days, dress in layers and consider hand warmers;
  • bring breath fresheners;
  • Leave your hotel early! There’s no harm in arriving at the meeting point before your photographer. Worst case, you and your sweetheart grab a quick café, right? Please do not underestimate the Parisian traffic. Relatedly, expect UBER drivers to cancel on short notice;
  • WhatsApp your photographer (and any other vendors) when you leave your hotel, so she knows you’re on time;
  • Trust in your photographer, give 100%, have a laugh, kiss abundantly, and enjoy your time together in Paris.

We recommend heading straight over to our intuitive booking page. Alternatively, submit your inquiry through our contact form, and one of our friendly staff will get right back to you.

Please already specify your preferred date, desired starting time, amount of photography coverage, and any initial photo ideas and locations. The more details you provide, the better we can help.

Popular time-slots—sunrise and evening—as well as holidays book out quickly.

The only time we require an associate is for evening photo shoots, i.e., any session that concludes after official sunset.

Why? Because we likely need someone to discretely hold a light source to illuminate you. Also, theft around Paris is unfortunately even more prevalent in the evenings, and so the associate will protect our belongings.

With that said, an associate offers many fantastic advantages:

  • he can help carry your belongings or props during the photo session, which frees up your hands to enjoy each other;
  • The associate will help with crowd management, which is priceless during the day or in the evenings.
  • She can, at times, photograph or even film (with her phone) behind the scenes.


The clock officially starts at the scheduled kickoff time of your couple photoshoot in Paris (even if you arrive a few minutes late).

It’s entirely up to you how to use your commissioned time.

Some folks prefer to visit as many photo spots as possible. However, keep in mind that Paris is busy, so you should expect to lose time in traffic and while waiting for an UBER or taxi.

Others may want to make several outfit changes. Please appreciate that unless you rent a private van with a driver, you’ll lose time passing by your hotel or changing in a café.

We can organize the most reliable, English-speaking driver with a brand new Mercedes van for you. Just hit us up at support@kissinparis.com

Time is indeed money, and a personal driver will save you loads of time (and stress) in a busy city such as Paris.

How may you ask? Simple. Using WhatsApp, you or your photographer’s associate can continuously update the driver with live location updates and instruct him to meet you. As a result, you won’t have to wait for an UBER (they cancel on you frequently in Paris) or a taxi.

But there’s more: when you invest in a private van and driver, you should expect the following additional benefits:

  • Easy and discrete outfit changes (as opposed to doing so in a café restroom or in plain public view);
  • Protect your belongings. You can securely leave your wallets and phones in the van, which results in peace of mind and more flattering pictures (i.e., you avoid pocket bulging);
  • Free up your hands since you can leave the props you are not using in the van;
  • Stay comfy and warm in the winter (nothing beats being able to jump in a heated van after a winter sunrise shoot at Trocadéro);
  • It should be reassuring that your driver will pick you up and drop you off at your hotel—one thing less to worry about.

There are no hard rules, and it totally depends on your priorities, the length of your couple photoshoot in Paris, and the photo locations.

With that said, less is typically more: plan at most one outfit per main location, such as Trocadéro, the Louvre, Montmartre, etc.

The number of edited photos you receive depends on the photography package you choose. Simply put, the more photography coverage you book, the more pictures you get.

Either way, you’ll see all images from your couple photoshoot in Paris (initially with watermark) and can then decide which ones you want us to edit for you.

Want more photos than come standard with your photography package?

We got you covered: each additional high-resolution, edited image is only Euro 5.

Suppose you just can’t decide … and want all the fabulous couple photos from your Paris photoshoot.

No problem. For a modest additional fee, you can immediately download all unedited pictures from your shoot in ultra-high-resolution and print-ready in JPEG format.

Best of all, you can purchase all unedited, high-resolution JPEG photos before or after your shoot.

Yes! Nobody knows your taste better than you. Ha. That’s why you’ll receive a proofing gallery with all the unedited images from your couple photoshoot in Paris within only 24 hours or less.

It’s then up to you to select the pictures you want us to edit. We make choosing your favs a breeze: all you need to do is click on your preferred images in the proofing gallery, and you’re good to go.

In turn, our editing team will then receive a log with your edit requests and get straight to work. You can optionally provide a few high-level editing guidelines for our editors.

For more information on the photo editing & turnaround process, please visit our general FAQ.

Absolutely. We are one of few studios in town that are experienced in both video and photo. Plus, our artists know each other well and seamlessly work in concert. The benefit for you? Fewer administrative touchpoints, expert preparation, and world-class photos and film.

After booking with us, you’ll receive a confirmation with your requested Paris proposal photography package, date, and starting time. We’ll also connect you with your photographer so you can kick preparations into high gear.

Booking with us is fast and simple: a retainer payment (50% of your overall proposal package fee) and a signed contract reserve your preferred date, starting time(s), and artist.

We accept all major credit cards. If you choose to pay your balance in cash, it is due on the day of the shoot.

We can control almost every element of your couple photoshoot in Paris except for the weather.

Do keep in mind, however, that an overcast sky and a few innocent rain drops actually offer real advantages, such as more flattering skin in your photos, no squinting, no undesirable shadows, etc.

You should also expect fewer crowds, resulting in greater privacy and romance. Finally, a light rain typically evokes even more beautiful emotions and unforgettable memories.

With that said, we’ll try to work around rain on short-notice and—when possible—even accommodate a date or time-switch.

It’s sometimes just not possible to keep your appointment despite best intentions.

We’ve seen it all, from airport disruptions and canceled flights to visa issues, strikes, health, pregnancy, job conflicts, and a host of other problems.

Yet, as one of the busiest Parisian photography studios, we’re almost always booked. This means we turn away new inquiries for your scheduled time slot immediately after you book us.

That is why we ask you to communicate with us in real-time to better help find a solution (or reschedule).

All our photo sessions come with an unconditional 100% cancellation guarantee as long as you notify us in writing at least 7 days before your scheduled shoot.

If you cancel within 7 days from the scheduled start of your shoot, 100% of the retainer is non-refundable.

Have more questions? Check out our General FAQ or email us. Alternatively, our support gurus are here to help and often available via live chat.

My husband and I had never done a couple photoshoot and didn’t really know what to expect. We absolutely loved our experience with Kiss Me in Paris. They are so awesome and made us feel confident from the moment we met at Café Carette. Their photos are simply the best!!!

Robyn G.

What’s Next?​

When you’re ready to book your couple photoshoot in Paris, click here. Otherwise, have a look at these popular resources, which are sure to inspire you and your partner.

Did you enjoy this resource on how to book the most fun couple photoshoot in Paris? If so, thank you for taking a moment now to share it with your friends and family.

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